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Firefly HR are seeking passionate Educators ready to make a difference and positively influence the children of today to make a greater tomorrow.

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The Firefly HR Mission

To promote the Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) industry and encourage quality educators to the profession.

To connect educators and centres with ease, through permanent or temporary recruitment.

To provide guidance and support to the OSHC sector.

Every child deserves a champion. An adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.


About Firefly HR

Firefly HR are passionate about making positive change in the out of school hours care (OSHC) profession. Firefly HR has been made by educators, for educators. We understand what it’s like and will be open, supportive and active.

Firefly HR was created by husband and wife team, James and Barbi. As a child, Barbi still remembers that one teacher who made a difference. This teacher showed compassion at a time that was needed and in turn, ignited a spark within Barbi. This spark inspired her to change her direction and influenced her future positively.

Barbi has worked with children since 2003, initially volunteering, then worked as a primary teacher and finally fell into the OSHC sector in 2009 and has held leadership roles ever since. Although Barbi may have fallen into the sector for its flexibility, she has loved it ever since.

Barbi has gained a multitude of skills in coaching, leadership, advocacy, negotiation, relationship management, strategic planning, presenting, problem solving and communication, among many other things.

Our Services

We provide the following services tailored to help centres achieve their goal to provide a fun, safe environment for primary aged children to flourish.

The App

Providing a free user-friendly platform that facilitates temp recruitment by connecting Centres with Educators in seconds.

Permanent Recruitment

Providing recruitment services for all types of roles from Director to Casual Educators.


Our OSHC specialists will provide valuable knowledge to suit your consulting needs.

Supporting Educators

We want to provide an environment where all Educators can feel supported and we will provide continuous guidance and advice.

The App

The Firefly HR App is a game changer for temp recruitment in the Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) industry.

We have created a platform to connect OSHC Centres with passionate pre-screened educators at the push of a button.

The app is empowering both Centres and Educators by giving more information to each party to ensure a better experience for everyone.

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What Others Have Said

  • Having someone recruit for you that works in the industry themselves is invaluable. Barbi found out our requirements and put forward candidates who would fit the description.

    Having Firefly HR pre-interview the candidates via video so we can review online is extremely time efficient and ensures you’re only having face-to-face interviews with the most suitable candidates.

    Hannah, who was our chosen candidate, has been employed as our Assistant Director since April 2019 and she has been the perfect fit for the role.

    If you work in OSHC, then Firefly HR are your go to recruiters. Communication and advice is fantastic, Barbi and James really know the industry well. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  • Barbi and James were incredibly supportive throughout my job application process. They gave me loads of relevant information to prepare me for my interview and gave friendly and helpful feedback, which helped me walk into my interview feeling confident and prepared. James and Barbi are always happy to answer my questions even after I am happily placed in my new job and I think the work they are doing to support educators in the OSHC industry is fantastic. I would defiantly recommend their service to any OSHC looking for great staff and support. Thank you, Firefly HR!!

  • We found Firefly HR as we were struggling to find an Assistant Director for our service after looking for months. Speaking to Barbi and James for the first time gave me the confidence that they had the specific knowledge and experience in the OSHC industry to find what we have been looking for – and they really delivered. Barbi and James are clearly passionate about our industry and understand its uniqueness. I can’t wait to see what else Firefly HR can do for OSHC.

  • Our small OOSH recently used Barbi and Firefly HR to recruit and shortlist for a director and conduct an operational audit of our centre. We were most impressed with the professionalism, efficiency and personalisation of their work! Highly recommended!

    Parent Committee
  • Working together with Firefly HR to secure the right position for me was a pleasure. Throughout the whole process they guided me with tips and strategies which helped me to be successful in getting the position I wanted.

    They have also been available during my first few months to talk to and offer support. In addition they have got me involved in the right training and support groups in my area.

    I highly recommend them as a great team of sincere agents.

  • From start to finish, I have had a fantastic experience with Firefly HR. Both James and Barbi know the industry well and took time to get to know me. Their personal approach helped them better understand my requirements, and they helped find me a job that I love! Their genuine dedication and care is refreshing! They have ‘checked in’ with me several times to make sure I am doing well! I hope to stay in my current position as Assistant Director for the foreseeable future. But knowing I have Barbi and James behind me, should I want to change is reassuring! I would recommend their services!

  • Firefly HR were so helpful in finding me a new role within the OSHC industry. They were always accessible and willing to assist in any capacity. I was astonished by their professionalism. Thank you for your help.

  • I was fortunate enough to be connected with James at Firefly HR during a recent job application. His interest in my skill set and capabilities resulted in him recommending me for a role perfectly suited to my strengths. His proactive and responsive manner is of great benefit to a job seeker who is keenly looking for feedback throughout the process. I highly recommend James for any recruitment requirements and I hope to use him for my own recruitment needs in the future.


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