Educational Leadership in OSHC

December 14, 2020

This blog is an introduction to the new ACECQA addendum for Outside School Hours Care – Educational Leadership in Action and with all new things, a quick guide on where to start.

This month, ACECQA released an addendum specifically for OSHC on Educational Leadership! We have spent some time going over the document to bring you an overview and to suggest how you can use it in your service to ensure development of Educators and quality care for children.


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How can I use this resource?

This resource needs to be read in conjunction with other resources, it is not a stand-alone document.

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Use the following resources to support you in understanding the Educational Leader Addendum:



What does this new resource cover?

This resource takes you through areas within your program and how your Educational Leader can guide, support & challenge the team.

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In each of the above areas the resource covers:

  • details regarding the reasoning behind Educational Leadership in the specified area.
  •  practice stories – showcasing of services demonstrating quality educational leadership.
  • ‘Getting practical’ – A range of amazing actions you can implement at your Service to demonstrate quality educational leadership.
  • Resources and references to continue your learning.

We particularly loved the practical initiatives guides in each chapter.

For instance in the section on Exceeding Themes it outlines some great practical initiatives that will demonstrate these themes:

  • Undertaking / creating your own professional development and training
  • Hosting a community event at your service
  • Using reflective journals

Reflection – some simple next steps for the newbie Ed Leader or someone looking for some motivation


1.   Do you have a clear philosophy?

2.   Consider if your philosophy is reflective of one or many theoretical perspectives. This could be a great place to start your research into theory.

3.   At your next team meeting why not break down your philosophy and discuss:

a.   What areas of the National Quality Framework are mentioned / alluded to?

b.   What principle, practices and outcomes of My Time our Place Learning Framework are mentioned / alluded to?

c.    Do you have a clear mission statement, key focus or ethos? Such as sustainability, playwork, inclusion?

d.   Research as a team some theoretical perspectives around these key concepts. This might initiate some robust debate


From 1 Feb 2018, Services were introduced to the exceeding NQS themes. Services must demonstrate and embed these themes in order to receive an exceeding service rating.

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As Service Educational Leaders the resource suggests focusing on the 3 domains of knowledge, practice & engagement.


  • How are you already demonstrating these themes?
  • Where are your practices strong?
  • Where can you recognise a need for improvement?
  • Which standards are strongly represented and which standards need to be focused on?

Acknowledgement of Country

At Firefly HR, we acknowledge the traditional owners of the land we work & connect with you from today. As a base, Firefly HR connects from the land of the Garigal or Caregal people, and would like to acknowledge all 29 clan groups of the Eora Nation.

At Firefly HR, we connect – although online, and meet by story sharing, learning, taking on non verbal queues, deconstruct and reconstruct information, and move in non linear directions at times. We use symbols without realising, and link with our own land and community.

This is all interconnected. We are utilising Aboriginal pedagogy with these processes and in our daily work.

We acknowledge the land that we are on today has been the core of all spirituality, language, knowledge, and sacred sites. This knowledge is what us and others need to embrace to ensure a future for our children and our children’s children.

We need to hear, respectfully, and listen.

As a guiding principle to the National Quality Framework that Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are valued, we are working on building the foundations here and believe a strong, meaningful acknowledgement of country is important.