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At Firefly HR, we recognise the distinctiveness of each service within the childcare sector. Each organisation faces unique challenges and operates within its own community dynamics. Our consulting services are founded on a bespoke approach, tailored to meet your specific goals and address your unique challenges. By focusing on compassionate, genuine interactions, we ensure that our support is as unique as your needs, empowering you to excel and innovate in your specialised environment.


Tailored Consulting to Meet Your Unique Needs

At the heart of Firefly HR, we recognise that no two services are alike—each comes with its own distinct goals, challenges, and community dynamics. This understanding shapes our consulting approach, which is thoroughly personalised and far from one-size-fits-all. We dedicate time to fully comprehend your specific needs, aspirations, and limitations, ensuring a deep understanding of what makes your service unique.

Together, we craft a bespoke action plan tailored just for you. Our consultant remains by your side, offering continuous support and expert guidance. Through personalised sessions, targeted workshops, and consistent check-ins, you’ll feel supported every step of the way.

As your committed partners in this journey, we adapt our support dynamically to meet your evolving needs and priorities. Let’s collaborate to forge a unique pathway forward, lighting the way to a brighter future for your service, together.

Professional Development

Immerse yourself in a world of continuous professional learning and development with our transformative webinars exclusively tailored to education and care professionals. Our webinars offer a dynamic platform for you to expand your skill set, gain fresh insights, and remain up to date with trends in the profession.

Drawing on the knowledge of academics, experts on the profession, former and current directors, our webinars cover a wide range of topics. From introductory sessions on the National Quality Framework and practical positive behavior guidance strategies to tips on completing your quality improvement plan and regulatory updates, there is something for everyone.

Delivered in a variety of formats to ensure convenience, you’ll be able to engage in interactive discussions during our free think tanks, receive practical tips during our webinar workshops, or purchase an on-demand webinar from a library to quickly upskill your team.

More than just imparting helpful information, our webinars allow you to connect with a community of like-minded professionals, all committed to providing exceptional care and enriching experiences for children. Your journey to becoming a well-rounded and impactful education and care professional starts here.


1. Desktop Review

Initially, our consultant conducts a thorough review of your quality improvement plan, service policies and procedures, and historical service records. This stage sets the foundation for tailored guidance.

2. On-site Evaluation

Next, our consultant visits your facility to directly observe and discuss practices with your team. This hands-on approach allows for an in-depth understanding of your operations.

3. Detailed Reporting

Following the visit, we compile a comprehensive report detailing any compliance issues and highlighting opportunities for quality enhancement. This report is crafted to provide clear, actionable insights.

4. Strategic Follow-up Meeting

The process culminates in a follow-up meeting where our consultant offers practical advice and strategies tailored to your specific needs. This ensures that your service is impeccably prepared and confident for any upcoming assessments.

Client Testimonials

"Steve from FireflyHR recently conducted a workshop on Active Supervision with my team. Given my team is comprised mostly of young educators, Steve's input into ratios, compliance and child protection proved invaluable. He related the information to real-life situations and opened the floor up to group discussion. As a Nominated Supervisor, I found it particularly helpful to revisit the basics. I can't recommend the workshop highly enough!"
Lindfield East BASC
"The information presented was relevant and delivered in an engaging way, with plenty of opportunity for group discussion."
Professional Development

Acknowledgement of Country

At Firefly HR, we acknowledge the traditional owners of the land we work & connect with you from today. As a base, Firefly HR connects from the land of the Garigal or Caregal people, and would like to acknowledge all 29 clan groups of the Eora Nation.

At Firefly HR, we connect – although online, and meet by story sharing, learning, taking on non verbal queues, deconstruct and reconstruct information, and move in non linear directions at times. We use symbols without realising, and link with our own land and community.

This is all interconnected. We are utilising Aboriginal pedagogy with these processes and in our daily work.

We acknowledge the land that we are on today has been the core of all spirituality, language, knowledge, and sacred sites. This knowledge is what us and others need to embrace to ensure a future for our children and our children’s children.

We need to hear, respectfully, and listen.

As a guiding principle to the National Quality Framework that Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are valued, we are working on building the foundations here and believe a strong, meaningful acknowledgement of country is important.