Childcare Support Services

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How We Support childcare services

At Firefly HR, we are more than just recruiters.

With many of our team coming from a background of Early Childhood or OSHC/OOSH, we can offer many different types of childcare support.

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Childcare Consultants Lighting Up The Sector

Lighting up the sector

Why work with Firefly HR?

Running your Education & Care service is an all-encompassing job.

Add on top the recruitment, the admin and managing your team, it’s almost impossible to do that yourself. That’s where Firefly HR comes in, providing the childcare support services you need.

The Firefly HR team are more than equipped to help you navigate everything from meeting ratios through solving staffing problems, to Exceeding the NQS with compliance audits.

Our experienced team have extensive backgrounds as educators, directors, leaders and providers. We’ve seen it all and done it all in both OSHC and Early Childhood.

We’ve even used recruiters & childcare consultants ourselves, so we know just how hard it is – and just how valuable that extra pair of hands can be.

Childcare Support Services


Work with ex directors and team leaders to find quality industry professionals who align with the values, needs and culture of your service. We will assist you to create roles that suit your existing and new staff members, to allow them to shine in areas that they have experience in and are passionate about. Helping you to gain valuable staff members to facilitate your vision for your Service is achieved through our personal and committed approach to recruitment.


We assist Services to provide quality care in all NQS areas. Depending on what your needs are, we will comprehensively assess your Service and help you to create a holistic care environment by empowering your team to make quality improvements to their everyday practices.

Our ex-Directors will provide you with practical steps that you can easily implement into your Service. We love to see the industry constantly improve. By sharing our knowledge about best practice, what we have personally implemented in our Services, and our ideas on embedding your amazing existing practices, we will shine brighter together.

Temporary and Permanent Recruitment for Childcare & OSHC


We provide training and professional development to OSHC professionals through seminars run by our team and expert speakers, Think Tanks, OSHC Online Sessions, blog posts and more. The diverse methods of training that we offer will assist you to become the best educator or leader you can be.

Our team of extremely knowledgeable and experienced ex directors take you through a series of professional development sessions each term, featuring special guests in the industry. Sit back with a cup of tea and learn new things, soak in different ideas and perspectives, explore polarising but important subjects, or gain more insight into topics that you thought you already had a handle on. Our professional development sessions focus on what you want to learn, so you can constantly increase your knowledge and ensure your Service is thriving.

Some of our recent professional development sessions have covered

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Mentoring & Consulting for OSHC/Childcare Educators and Centre


We will guide you throughout your career in the industry by providing support, knowledge, and resources to assist you to become the best professional you can be. Have regular chats with someone in the sector who understands you. Empowering you to excel in your career brings us joy! We can help you apply for your dream role, assist you with creating a unique resume that stands out from the crowd, and prepare you for job interviews. We will be right by your side, supporting you, every step of the way.


Your time is valuable! We recognise that the regulatory requirements of the OSHC industry are stringent, which is why we are here to assist you. We’ve created several resources to make your life easier. Documentation templates, policies and procedures, and induction programmes are just some of our resources available.


Firefly HR leads the way in providing the OSHC sector with resources and support around compliance and regulatory requirements. We have years of experience both working in the field and consulting with many types of providers.

Firefly HR are able to tailor make content & offer support that meets the needs of your unique service and its context whilst ensuring you are meeting your legislative requirements.

Professional Development for Childcare & OSHC Educators


Do you run amazing Services and would like to expand? We will help you secure your next Service, so you can make a positive impact on the lives of more children! Or, if you are going up for tender and need an application that stands out? We are here to help!

Our experienced team will highlight your organisation’s best features and package them to appeal to tender judging panels. Creating a tender application that showcases your Service’s uniqueness, community orientation, values, and child and parent satisfaction is what we do best.

Acknowledgement of Country

At Firefly HR, we acknowledge the traditional owners of the land we work & connect with you from today. As a base, Firefly HR connects from the land of the Garigal or Caregal people, and would like to acknowledge all 29 clan groups of the Eora Nation.

At Firefly HR, we connect – although online, and meet by story sharing, learning, taking on non verbal queues, deconstruct and reconstruct information, and move in non linear directions at times. We use symbols without realising, and link with our own land and community.

This is all interconnected. We are utilising Aboriginal pedagogy with these processes and in our daily work.

We acknowledge the land that we are on today has been the core of all spirituality, language, knowledge, and sacred sites. This knowledge is what us and others need to embrace to ensure a future for our children and our children’s children.

We need to hear, respectfully, and listen.

As a guiding principle to the National Quality Framework that Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are valued, we are working on building the foundations here and believe a strong, meaningful acknowledgement of country is important.